ECRHA D1 Breakdown

Excerpt from ECRHA.Net

As we near the halfway point of the season, things are beginning to become very interesting in all four divisions as the race to Regionals continues. We are starting to see rivalries form, playoff bubbles are becoming apparent, and top players in each division are putting up big numbers on the scoresheet. Here is a look at the current standing of each division in the ECRHA, as well as what to look for heading into the second half of the season.

In Division 1 we see two very familiar faces atop the standings, as Farmingdale and Neumann are tied for 1st in the division, both sitting at 7-1. With that, Neumann did defeat Farmingdale this past weekend with a comfortable 5-1 victory. However, were then upset by UMass the next day. As we look lower in the standings, currently, we see Rowan sitting 3rd with a 5-5-1 record. Now, their position could be changed rather quickly, as all but one team below them has games in hand. Then, as we get closer to that precious sixth position in the standings, things get more interesting. 4 points separate 4th place from 8th right now. UMass, hot off of their upset of Neumann is currently 5-2 and looking to continue finding the winning formula to finish off the year. Behind them, West Chester (4-1-1) has looked strong throughout the year with their only losses coming to Neumann and Rowan (in OT). Rhode Island (3-3-1) currently is sitting on that precious 6th position in the standings. However, Temple (3-0), with only 3 games played, is still undefeated, and Ralph Grillo and company looked very strong during their weekend in Grove City in October. Also in the logjam between 4-8 is RMU (3-4) although they have had some rough games throughout the year, RMU has the makings of a great squad that we could see make a playoff push in the 2nd half of the season. Cortland (1-8-1) and Hofstra (1-10) round out your D1 standings, with the two schools having difficult years, although, if we’ve learned anything throughout league history, don’t ever count a team out, if teams get hot at the right time, we just might see the D1 standings get completely flipped around.

In the scoring race, Neumann’s players are showing that they can put up numbers, as Shane Fox, Tyler Kraft, and Michael Strofe sit atop the scoring race with 30, 27, and 20 points respectively. One thing to note, after his record-breaking year last year, Tyler Kraft has 27 points through just 5 games, which is a higher average than his last year totals. On the goaltending front, Jordan Davis is still making great saves for UMass, with 7 games played, Davis has made 181 saves already throughout the year, and currently has a 90.8 Save Percentage, with 2 shutouts.


The ECRHA has had no shortage of news in 2016. With teams approaching or passing the halfway point of the season, it is only expected that we see more great games from teams. As well as more jaw dropping individual performances across all four divisions. It will certainly be a sight to see as we inch closer to the 2016-2017 Regional Championships in Feasterville, PA in March!

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