ECRHA D2 Breakdown

Division 2 is a similar story to Division 1, as some teams are sitting comfortably near the top, while from the middle of the standings down, it the chaos begins, but with the right team getting hot at the right time, it’s still anyone’s year. Stony Brook (8-2) is currently in first in the standings, and the only team with 10 games played so far. However, that isn’t stopping the Seawolves as they have played with discipline offensively, and organization defensively, allowing them the stay in first this far in the season. Not far behind the Seawolves are Northeastern (5-2) and Yeshiva (5-1). Both of these teams are new to D2 this year, as Northeastern was moved down from D1, and Yeshiva was moved up from D4. Their play has shown that they are comfortable where they are. Endicott, another former D4 team, is currently at 4-2-1 and in 4th place in the D2 standings, again, another team who not many knew what to expect of is performing well after being moved up.

Check out a great piece on Endicott College’s season here

Endicott College (MA) has been a pleasant D2 surprise in the ECRHA. 

Then the chaos ensues: Penn State (3-1-1) is currently tied for 5th in the standings with Villanova (3-4-1) at 7 points. And that right now ‘closes out’ the 6 playoff seeds as of right now. However, Oswego (3-4) is sitting in the 7th place spot just waiting for the opportune time to strike, as well as Boston (2-5), only 3 points out of a playoff position themselves. Delaware (1-4) and Drexel (0-6) currently close out the D2 standings, however, Delaware is a team in which only one of their games have been decided by more than 3 goals, so be sure not to sleep on the Blue Hens throughout the rest of the season.

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